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The program applies rhythm patterns over source sound, so it acts like an amplitude or phase modulator. It also provides a built-in noise and sine generater for test purposes.

  1. Click Create button to generate source signal, or Load existing wave-file.
  2. Click Test button to generate a rhythm pattern.
  3. Click Rhythm button to apply the rhythm pattern.
  4. Click Play button to hear the result.
  5. Try to change the period and apply the same pattern one more time.

Making envelopes manually might appear boring - try to save 'natural' envelopes in Bitmap View of Bitmaps & Waves. You can open extended Bitmap View by double-clicking an image, and save an envelope by right-clicking the fullscreen image.

Supplementary tool
Another tool to ease making envelopes is the graph converter. It allows to load graphs (saved as black'n'white Windows bitmaps, *.bmp) and convert the graphs into envelopes which might be used in Enrhythmizer. The converter was originally designed with ECGs as a data source in mind, so it can read in graphs in logarithmic vertical scale (dB).


  • In order to applay the pattern changes made in the table cells, click Apply button.
  • In order to disable model noise filtration, set zero (0) Band value. White noise will be produced then.

Gussy Rikh compares the program with Soundforge:

"I did go through Enrhythmizer and even loaded a drum groove and got interesting results -- quite different from Soundforge. (Soundforge --does clip the wave in various ways thereby getting a rhythm ---though this is different.) So---- Enrhythmizer is a good handy tool to have."

Have fun!

Victor Khashchanskiy - Виктор Хащанский