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or Doppler Processor for Sound Animation

Download ZIP-file, 314K

This tool makes sound move. Well, it only applies Doppler effect to the source sound. We perceive the result as if the source is moving.

Motion does not necessarily mean changes in volume, i.e. sound magnitude. What might be slightly changed is sound frequency. This is inevitable due to the nature of Doppler effect.

The program has two operation modes which correspond to the tabs on the main dialog.


In this mode, the program calculates stereo signal received by two microphones (or ears, if you prefer) placed at the distance specified in the Base field.
The program may or may not take into account signal fading due to increasing distance. Check or uncheck 'Amplitude'.
The input is a mono waveform of a moving source. The route of the source can be either a straight line or an arc (a part of a circle, or a whole circle). If the latter is selected, use RPM field to specify how many rounds-per-minute the source makes. Don't run it too fast. It makes listeners dizzy.

After each calculation, the difference of delays introduced into both channels is copied to the 'Manual' tab and can be used as a basis for ...


It takes time for sound to come from a source to a receiver. If the distance changes, the time changes too. Variation of sound delay causes Doppler effect.

It is possible to specify relative delay between two input channels to make sound animated without need to work hard on geometry of movement. Just click the delay graph. For convenience sake (I think it is convenient though someone might say it is rather misleading) delays are measured ... in cm! This way, it is easier to compare values with such natural objects as a head. Otherwise one would be pondering how big delay of 10 msec is - would it sound natural or not? The answer is: not TOO big. This corresponds to 3 meters of ear-to-ear distance. Do you often meet 3 meters-wide-headed people?

So, isn't it time to make your, or somebodyelse's music move? Then it might make you move in return.

Victor Khashchanskiy - Виктор Хащанский