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Download ZIP-file, 176K

Sound morphing is a sound synthesis from two source sounds. The result possesses features of both of them.
One signal is supposed to have wide spectrum. Let's call this signal a bearer.
The other signal applies its features upon the first one. Let's call this signal modulaton.

  1. Select Bearer tab and load the first signal from existing wave-file.
  2. Select Modulation tab and load the second signal.
  3. Press F5 or select corresponding menu item to morph these signals.
  4. Click Play button to hear the result.
  5. Change the functions that control the influence source signals have on the result, simply by drawing on the Balance and Compress graphs.

Note, that the duration of the result is equal to the one of the bearer. Modulation is stretched to match it.

You can save and load the mix control functions in a *.mix file.

This was implemented in a couple of days. I think it's been too fast to become good. Still I hope it's better than nothing.

Have fun!

Victor Khashchanskiy - Виктор Хащанский