Sound 2D Warper For Beginners

Required tools:

First create a bitmap in MSPaint or another image editor
Select attributes and set the dimensions in pixels to 1500 x 220
Use the Fill With Colour tool using black ink for the entire image
Now select the Line tool and draw near the image top horizontally across in white ink (you may have to scroll the screen to complete)
Save the image to your hard drive

Second thing is to open BW and load the image you have created.

Now, select the Filters > Echo tab
Set the X shift value to 0,
the Y shift value to 8,
the Copies value to 25 and
the Fade value to 4,
then click Convert.

This creates a set of 26 fading horizontal parallel lines.
Click Save button to save the image to hard drive.

Third, Launch the Sound 2D Warper Program and load the image with parallel lines (changing from File of type: Sounds [*.wav] to Files of type: Images [*.bmp])

Change the values as follows;
Block size: 1024
Range, dB: 80
check (tick) Log
Sampling: 44100,

Change the node values to suit the effect you're going to create (you'll see this change on the image as you adjust it)
Now select the grid points one at a time and create a ripple effect by clicking and dragging them into position.
Check Resampling (this smoothes the sound) and
then click Apply
the result can now be Played

From here you may wish to save the warped image and load it into BW to create new sounds

(^8 have fun! 8^)

More samples: